Skateboard Ramps on Residential Lots

Wildwood Community Association would like your input on a City of Calgary proposal to change the rules regarding skateboard ramps on residential property.

Currently, to install a skateboard ramp on a residential lot, the owner needs to apply for a Development Permit and consult with neighbours in the process.

Our understanding of the proposed changes is as follows:

  • One or more, skateboard ramps per residential property with a combined maximum dimension of 1.5 metres (4.9 ft) high by 5 metres (16.2 ft) wide by 6 metres (19.5 ft) long. (Similar foot print to a single car garage)
  • Either owners or renters could install ramps.
  • No Development Permit or consultation with neighbours would be required.
  • Ramps could be installed in the front, side or rear yard without a setback from property lines.
  • No limit on the minimum size of a lot.

The City is seeking input on these proposed changes through an online survey that will be open until December 14 at please complete the survey to help the City shape its policy on this issue. Please ask others to do the same.

Wildwood Community Association is very interested in your views and would appreciate a brief note from you to

Thank you for taking some time to share your views on this important issue with the City and your Community Association. If you want to send your comments to Council, refer to Sport Ramps Notice of Motion NM2015-14 and use the following list:

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Kevin Phillips
Community Advocate
Wildwood Community Association

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