2015 WCA Year End Review

WCA Community Association: The community association has been very busy this year. We continue to refine our board structure, our board meetings and our policies and procedures. We want to provide you with well run, enjoyable events and activities. This takes a lot of time and organization, but our volunteers do it willingly.

Our various advocacy groups have been busy keeping Wildwood apprised of important community issues throughout 2015. Watch for updates in 2016 as new issues and information arises.

Volunteers: We are a volunteer run organization and that makes it more special that people are willing to give their time for the community. It also makes it a bit harder to provide you with all these extras unless we get enough help. The old saying, ‘many hands make light work’ is so true. If you want to help out with one of our events or programs we’d love to have you! Please contact our volunteer coordinator. We now have an online event volunteer tool to make volunteering that much easier. I would like to thank all of our dedicated volunteers for their help and commitment throughout 2015.

The following positions on the WCA board are vacant:

  • WCA Board President
  • WCA Board Vice President
  • Communications Director
  • Children’s Event Coordinator

If you would like to volunteer or learn more information, please email president@mywildwood.ca.

Sports Programming: We are very excited to have added pickleball to our community sports programming in 2015. Our sports committees have worked hard to provide programs that many people have participated in including tennis, soccer, shinny hockey, learn to skate and of course we have had our hockey and pleasure skating rinks always busy and so well maintained throughout the winter season.

Events: Our WCA events this year provided us with many opportunities to get together and meet new neighbours and catch up with some of our old friends. We held a Sip and Swirl wine tasting event, St. Patrick’s Party, volunteer appreciation night, Tour de Wildwood, Stampede breakfast, Halloween party and family movie night. We have also hosted the annual community clean up, yoga classes, Wednesday morning playgroup, and many other events throughout 2015.

Community Garden: Our garden continues to mature and grow. Every season brings new enhancements to this wonderful community sanctuary. While visiting, please take some time to look through the books at our Little Free Library: take some or leave some for the next people. Our wonderful public art piece, the Water Spiral has grown to become a gathering point for people who want to sit and relax around the garden. 2015 was a busy year for garden programming in Wildwood. Watch the Warbler for ways to get involved.

Communications: Our fantastic Warbler is produced ten months of the year to keep you informed of all our neighbourhood news. Our website www.mywildwood.ca keeps improving all the time, and we are putting more and more things online to help make it easier for you to keep up to date with our community events. Check back monthly to download the full colour digital version of the Warbler to your computer or mobile device.

Find us on Facebook for day of reminders of WCA events and happenings throughout the neighbourhood.

I look forward to the many events and activities that will come to Wildwood in 2016!

~Robyn Birdsell

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