WCA Board Meeting Highlights – November 17, 2015

  • The advocacy committee has commented on a Land Use designation change to a duplex on Bow Trail to allow for a clinic. Both increased traffic and parking are an issue for the neighbouring homes. There is concern a change to this type of business may be precedent-setting.
  • Wildwood was asked to join a group of west side communities to participate in a city-wide committee regarding changing air traffic patterns as a result of the new runway at YYC.
  • There are two on-line surveys from the City of Calgary:
    • One is regarding skateboard ramps and the maximum size allowed before needing a development permit.
    • The second one is regarding the Westbrook pedestrian overpass. Input to both of these surveys is needed.
    • Go online to join the conversation: http://www.calgary.ca/engage/Pages/EngagePortal.aspx
  • Two recent family events – the Halloween Party and movie night were very successful and attended by many Wildwood families
  • The Board approved funds to upgrade the audio/visual system in the community hall making it more attractive to renters and useful for community events. Thanks to Joanne Birce for spearheading this project.
  • Some time was spent at the meeting discussing the “gap” between the great turn out at various events in the community and the lack of people volunteering for board positions. Right now we are desperately seeking a VP, President and Communications Director. All of these roles can be shared by a couple of people, job descriptions and policies are in place to help the incumbent and there are people who are more than willing to help with the ropes for a smooth transition. Community doesn’t just happen; it needs to be imagined, built and nurtured – please consider giving some of your time to this great community.

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