Traffic News

Happy New Year from your Wildwood Traffic Committee! We hope you and your family had a safe and enjoyable Christmas/winter break.

On December 2nd, 2015 Councillor Wooley held an event called the Mid-Term Update. All board members from Ward 8 community associations were invited to attend. This year’s guest speakers were Troy McCleod, Director of Roads and Tony Churchill, Senior Traffic Engineer, Traffic Safety.

This slide, shown during the presentation, gives us quick tips on what a community can and should do to work towards safer streets for everyone.

Many citizens may not be aware that The City of Calgary has implemented a five-year plan to increase safety on Calgary roads. The Safer Mobility Plan 2013-2017 is a comprehensive plan to bring more awareness, education and ultimately safety to Calgary’s pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

You can view or download The Safer Mobility Plan in four easy steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Search Safer Mobility Plan
  3. Click on the Traffic Safety Programs link
  4. Open the Calgary Safer Mobility Plan PDF

And remember, many of our community’s children and youth begin walking to school at 7:45am. Please obey speed limits and watch for children at crosswalks. Children take longer to cross roads – it’s just a fact. And cyclists, you must stop for pedestrians at or in crosswalks too.

Leaving 5 minutes earlier makes for a more enjoyable drive or ride to work. Together, we can make our streets safer for all of us.

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