WCA Board Meeting Highlights – February 16th, 2016

  • Vandalism: There has been late-night vandalism in our Community Garden and the police have attributed the damage to young people, possibly from our Community. Motion detector lights have been installed and we are considering other deterrents. As well, the police have committed to monitor the area more closely. (See p. 5)
  • YYC Flight Paths: Our Advocacy Committee is involved with a group of other west-side communities to attempt to affect change in the concentration of flight paths directly over our part of the city. The flights, and the resulting noise and disruption, will only increase as YYC continues to grow and flights increase.
  • Annual General Meeting: As always, we hope to attract new members to the Board. The AGM is coming up on Tuesday, April 26th at 7:30pm and residents are encouraged to attend the meeting. There are volunteer positions for those who have a bit of a time and those who want to be more involved. President, Vice-President, and Communications Director are all roles that need to be filled.  To enquire about vacant roles, email president@mywildwood.ca.
  • Another Cleanup opportunity! The week after the May 28th cleanup, we will provide a shredder on a “Members Only” basis. Now you can get rid of those old confidential files cluttering up your basement. Watch for details in the Warbler next month.

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