Garden Workshop Success!

On March 5th, close to 30 people gathered in the community garden for the first of many garden education events for 2016! “Establishing Your Forest Garden” was presented by Luke Kimmel and Adrian Buckley of reGenerate Design, ( a local garden design firm. They gave us many ideas on how to plan our water systems, plan the plants and consider the intelligence of a forest when planning a perennial forest garden in our own yards.

Janet Melrose, Calgary’s Cottage Gardener, joined 16 keen gardeners on March 12th to teach them about “early plantings”. We enjoyed planting wheatgrass for our smoothies, potatoes, ginger, green onions, celery, African violet cuttings, and Christmas cactus cuttings and more. We went home with a flat of plants to enjoy and watch grow!

Janet also does Horticulture Therapy and garden coaching. Melrose Websute Postcard Back.pdf

Continue your learning at our upcoming workshop April 30th with Lyndon Penner. He will be talking about and helping us plant some cold hardy vegetables in the garden. Everyone welcome!

Here are some ideas you might want to try in your own kitchen:

If you want to try planting ginger: just lay a 2” chunk in some soil and it will sprout!

Green onions and celery — easy – just put the bottom 3” end in some water and watch it grow!

See this site for more ideas for our kitchen scraps:

Thank you for coming to the garden, everyone!

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