Community Garden Education

Heart Art in the Garden
May 14th 10am – 12pm

Everyone is welcome to join us as we paint wooden hearts to add some beauty and ‘heart’ to our community! Each painted heart will be attached to the fence between the school and garden; eventually we will have many hearts on each side of the fence.

Activity time line for the 14th:

  • 10am – instructions and painting of first side of the hearts
  • 10:15am– a story and planting of pollinator plants in the new school field entrance area to the garden
  • 11am– paint the second side of your heart (may happen sooner depending on how fast the paint dries!)
  • 11:15am (or earlier) more planting and gardening.

What to bring:

  • A mug or cup for coffee etc.
  • Clothes or a paint shirt/pants as this paint does not wash out of your clothes.
  • Water bottle, sun hat – dress for the weather.
  • Your ideas for painting your heart!


Mike-Dorion-Living-Soil-SolutionsThank you to Mike Dorion of Living Soils Solutions for his lively and educational talk “It All Starts in the Soil” on Thursday March 31st. It was 2 hours of valuable information on taking care of our micro-organisms to have the healthiest soil possible to grow plants & food for our families.

  • Avoid walking on your garden soil.
  • Use cover crops in the off season to put back nutrients into the soil that we used to grow food during the growing season. Before you plant (ie March) crimson clover, white Dutch clover, fava beans, and field peas will add nitrogen to the soil. In the fall — fall rye. All of these add nutrients back to the soil to feed the micro-organisms. Cover crops are available at Professional Gardener in Ramsey or you can get them by mail order at West Coast Seeds.
  • Try a no till soil approach so as not to disturb the micro-organisms.

We appreciate all the donations of plant materials in the past. We would love to add some more plants to the food forest. If you have any of the following to share, please contact us at Thank you for considering!

  • horseradish
  • rhubarb
  • day lilies
  • irises
  • stonecrop or other sedums
  • strawberries
  • mints
  • comfrey

Thank you for coming to the garden, everyone!

****Please note: The Community Service Workers will be helping us in the garden on May 21st from 9am – 4pm. They have provided lots of help in the past and we are pleased that they can make it!

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