Traffic Safety Matters to All of Us!

Hello! My name is Ella and I am 10 years old. I moved to Wildwood when I was 6. I love Wildwood because of the nice, friendly people who live here. The one thing that worries me about our community is people speed by the playground. I think, “Slow down we play here!” and they are thinking “WEEEEEEEE! This is fun!” But it’s not fun. I am worried that someday somebody is going to speed by while a kid is walking across the street and SMACK! So please slow down in the playground zone.

My plan to get people to slow down is to make a whole bunch of little flyers about safe driving (see yellow pullout flyer in the Warbler on p. 11) and signs saying “slow down in the playground zones!” On Friday, May 27th, I would like a bunch of kids and grown-ups to wave those signs around at playground zones and hand out flyers. I hope this will get people to slow down.

I am not the only person who thinks traffic safety in our community is important. I interviewed some other people I know to see what they thought. I spoke with Councilllor Woolley about traffic too. Thank you to Owen C. (age 8), Mr. Toews (Wildwood School Principal), Eve B. (age 5), and Sarah L. (age 10) for participating. Here is what they said:

Why do you think traffic safety is important?

  • “Because someone could get hurt if a car came by speeding.”
  • “Lots of people walk to and from school and we want them to be safe.”
  • “So cars don’t run into each other.”
  • “Because people can get hurt.”

How do you think we can get people to slow down and drive safe?

  • “We could get one of those green turtles and put it by the playground zone.”
  • “Education to help drivers understand the safety rules.”
  • “Say “slow down”! Put your hands out and look both ways.”
  • “Posters or maybe flyers. We could send them around the Wildwood community! The mayor could get a crew that puts up signs to let people know when they are driving too fast.”

How would safe driving change the world?

  • “Lots of people would be able to be healthy and safe. There would be more people in the world.”
  • “It would save lives. Drivers are role models for children and they need to teach them the right things to do”
  • “People would feel safer and happier.”
  • “People would slow down and be more patient and concentrate on what’s happening.”

Please join our Wildwood Traffic Event on May 27th. Hope to see you there and remember, SLOW DOWN!

~Ella C., Wildwood Resident. Age 10

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