WCA Board Meeting Highlights – April 19th, 2016

Financials: The audited financial statements were reviewed and approved by the Board. They will be presented at the AGM on Tuesday, April 26th at 7:30pm. Wildwood is in sound financial position with carefully managed finances.

Policy: In our commitment to good governance, policies have been developed for a number of circumstances. The Board reviewed an Advocacy Policy that will be added to the WCA Policy Manual.

Solar Powered Safety: A company called SignSwitch, started by a Wildwood resident, retrofits solar powered warning lights on existing City playground signs. The Company provided a demo to the Board and is looking for support from Wildwood to add weight to their presentations to the City. The Board agreed to provide a letter of support to SignSwitch.

AED: An AED unit (automated external defibrillator) has been purchased and is being installed in the Community Hall kitchen. The unit will be available to any user of the Hall.

Time to Recycle: The City has mandated that multi-family homes and apartments require recycling bins. That includes Community Halls. Green Calgary has offered to include Wildwood in a case study regarding this initiative. Green Calgary will provide some direction and help to Wildwood.

Maintenance: Funding was approved to power wash the tennis courts. And, a small, ad hoc committee was formed to look at re-surfacing the parking lot and the tennis courts. While funds are available from WCA savings and/or grants, it is a challenge to find project leaders to scope out and direct the work. Thanks to this committee for taking on this project.

Land Use Changes: Kevin, our Advocacy Director, explained some proposed changes to the Land Use Bylaw. The changes include a change to RC2 lots to reduce the minimum width on either side of the house; the change to RC1S (i.e. lots approved for a secondary suite – in home, above garage or backyard) is to increase the size of the allowable suite to about 1075 sq. ft. The Board agreed to make a submission stating that this change will have a significant effect on both the character and density of the neighbourhood. We would support the increase in size to basement suites, but not for a garden or above-garage suite. Also, the application to change a lot from RC1 to RC1S should include the type of suite that is being planned.

Vacancies: There was some discussion about the vacant positions: President, Vide-President, Secretary (shared job), Events Director, Hall Rental Director, Volunteer Director and Communications Director. There is a concern that if we do not have an executive, we do not have a Board and the future of the Community Association is then in jeopardy.

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