Taking Care of Safety at our WCA Hall

Our Wildwood Community Association now has our very own automated external defibrillator (AED)!

An AED is a life-saving and valuable piece of medical equipment that is used in the event of sudden cardiac arrest. Although an AED may seem scary and intimidating, they are very user-friendly and can be used by trained medical personnel as well as any lay person. Research has shown that the use of an AED with CPR within the first three minutes of sudden cardiac arrest can increase the chances of survival by up to 75%.

The AED is located in the kitchen of the hall, and is equipped with adult and pediatric pads and a one-way valve mask for CPR. There is also a newly installed first aid cabinet that is well stocked with basic first aid supplies.

The community hall is such an active and vibrant part of Wildwood, serving year-round events for the community and rentals for the city at large. Having an AED on site is a very valuable asset for the community. Many thanks to Marni Lingard and the WCA board for their support.

For more information on CPR and AEDs, go to Canadian Heart and Stroke www.heartandstroke.ca and St. John’s Ambulance www.sja.ca.

~Laura Ashburn, RN, BN, BSc
Spruce Cliff resident

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