Gardening Season is Upon Us!

The gardening season is here and the Wildwood Community Garden is coming to life. Please take some time to stroll through the community garden this summer and admire all of the hard work underway, while visiting one of the community’s free little libraries! The Garden Committee is responsible for maintaining the garden, and also puts on a series of gardening workshops throughout the season. Please take a look at page 21 for a list of the upcoming workshops. They are open to everyone by donation, ages 5 to 95!

If you’d like to contribute to the Community Garden and you order the “Big Yellow Bags” from Eagle Lake for your own yard, the gardening committee will happily take them off your hands as it will allow them a discount at a local garden centre! Email to donate your empty Big Yellow Bag. Also, if you enjoy gardening and would like to help maintain the community garden, please come join the garden committee on Wednesday evenings or Saturday mornings.

A couple of friendly reminders:

  • The water from the spiral fountain is not potable, so please do not drink it.
  • Children are welcome to play and enjoy the community garden, but please do not relocate the stone walkway boundaries or walk on the plants.
  • The raised boxed gardens are rented by community members to grow their own crops. If you’d like to rent a box for next year, please email

Mark the date for the September 10 Harvest Festival on your calendars. This is a popular event and a great way to get out and know your neighbours.

Creeping BellflowerIn other news, do you have this perennial in your yard?

Did you know that it is an invasive weed called Creeping Bellflower? It has lovely purple flowers; however, as you may know already, it spreads quickly as each stem produces up to15,000 new seeds and can quickly invade lawns, gardens and alleys. For information on how to get rid of this weed, please go to or consult your local garden centre.

~Tracy Smith, WCA Programs Director

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