Wildwood Cleanup

SATURDAY MAY 27th, 2017 8:00 am to 2:00 pm
Rain, Shine or Snow!

We have booked the City’s compactor trucks and now we need volunteers and trucks. This is our 38th annual cleanup! On the Saturday after the May long weekend, we will meet at the Community Hall to scour all of Wildwood’s back alleys. The way the Wildwood cleanup works is that a great group of volunteers bring their trucks and they each take a couple of volunteers to drive through our back lanes, pick up items that have been left out and bring them back to the Community Centre, where they are loaded into the City trucks. We will have our usual metals bin, electronics boxes and will collect bicycles for recycling. Reasonable “collectables” are put aside until noon only, at which time all remaining items will be disposed of. So drop by early, you might find that certain “something”.

So call now and get your name on the list – e-mail to cleanup@mywildwood.ca. We need volunteers both with and without trucks. The event starts at 8:00 am sharp (rain, shine, or snow!), and is usually all done by 2:00pm. It’s a great opportunity to meet your neighbours, enjoy some refreshments and help your community.

As a reminder to Wildwood residents, we take items that do not fit into the normal garbage collection: wood, plastic, metal and electronics (see below). This year the City is again providing one truck for organics, so that they can be composted instead of going into the landfill. They are looking for brush, grass clippings, leaves, branches (reasonable length), clean fill (dirt that doesn’t have rocks in it), tree trimmings and general yard waste that can compost. Please put these items in marked bags where possible. To speed up the process, can you please use paper bags.

However, please keep the amount down to a reasonable size. This is not the opportunity to empty your basement.

What we WILL pick up:

  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Organics
  • Small branches
  • Batteries (thanks to Magnacharge Batteries)
  • Electronics (see below)

We do NOT take the following items:

  • Major house/yard renovation debris (drywall, studs, broken concrete, sod, etc)
  • Old paint, chemicals or batteries
  • Tires
  • Fridges or freezers (due to Freon disposal)
  • Propane bottles with valves still attached
  • Railway ties

Disposal of renovation debris is your responsibility or that of your contractor. Other items should be taken to the appropriate landfill site or to one of the four Firehalls, which take hazardous materials on a year-round basis.

This year Recycle Logic will be recycling your old computer equipment for us. They will re-cycle the equipment listed below:

  • Personal Computers/ Components/ Peripherals, Keyboards
  • Computer Monitors (LCD)
  • Mice, Cables, Speakers, Laptop Computers, Notebook Computers,
  • Televisions – wood console televisions, Televisions (CRT),
  • Servers, Desktop Printers, Printer Combination Units,
  • Televisions – Flat Screen, Rear Projection Televisions,
  • Fax Combination Machines, Computer Monitors (CRT),
  • Cell phones

Send an e-mail to cleanup@mywildwood.ca if you have questions.