How To Be A Good Neighbor

Wildwood continues to be a popular area of the City, and for good reason. In addition to some wonderful older homes, our neighbourhood has the kind of community spirit and character that make this a great place to live.

But with older homes often comes the need or desire to upgrade and renovate. We applaud homeowners’ efforts to improve their residences and add to the beauty of our neighbourhood. At the same time, though, we ask that you work with your neighbours to lessen the anxiety that can sometime arise from major development activity.

Communication can go a long way toward addressing concerns and ensuring that renovation work progresses in a way that meets everyone’s goals. If you are considering undertaking a project such as this, our Community Association may be able to help. We have a Development Committee that reviews all new development applications for our community, and, in 2009, created a document that we use as a guideline when commenting on applications. The document, which can be found under the Development section on our website includes a number of hints you may find useful. Included is a description of the factors that make our community the unique place it is and the design principles that will assist in maintaining these principles. The document also features development application and homeowner’s checklists so you can be sure you’ve covered everything.

Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind is that we want Wildwood residents to maintain a ‘sense’ of the community. Again, we encourage communication between neighbours during the planning phase for a development project. The Development Committee is also available to meet with your neighbours and walk them through the plans if necessary. We strongly support community development, but we want to make sure that this process is as stress-free as possible for everyone. Please take some time to review our Development Guidelines and if you have any questions, contact the Development Committee at