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Wildwood Affordable Housing Update

In March 2014, City Council approved the site at 4012 Bow Trail SW (38th St.) as a viable location for an Affordable Housing project to be built by The Office of Land Servicing and Housing (OLSH). At the May 2014 Wildwood Community Association (WCA) board meeting, OLSH presented information regarding the proposed project. In June 2014, an open house took place in Wildwood with representatives from OLSH. Furthermore, OLSH attended WCA board meetings on September 16 and November 16, 2014. An additional information session was again held on December 10, 2014. OLSH has reviewed the feedback from the board meetings, the information sessions and the Community Survey and identified an even split of support for/opposition to including commercial development on the 4012 Bow Trail SW site. The same feedback was clear that residents were not supportive of using the second site at 4620 Bow Trail SW (45th St.) for the 16 units that would have been displaced by the commercial development.

As result, OLSH has revised the land use application for 4012 Bow Trail SW to re-designate the entire site to MC-2 to accommodate the development of 48 stacked townhome units in three buildings (no commercial component). Two land use modifiers will be requested in order to restrict the density to 48 units and limit the building height to 10 meters (1 metre higher than a residential infill).

With approval of the land use re-designation, OLSH will seek a development permit and a building permit. OLSH has asked the planning department to delay the land use presentation to the Calgary Planning Commission (CPC) until June 18, 2015. The reason for this delay is that any earlier CPC dates would have led to a July Public Hearing date which could ultimately exclude or prevent Wildwood residents from attending due to summer holiday schedules. Residents can attend the CPC meeting but they are not allowed to speak unless requested by the Commission, which is rare. The Public Hearing in front of the City of Calgary Council will take place on SEPTEMBER 14, 2015 where Wildwood residents will have an opportunity to comment on the project.

OLSH anticipates the Development Permit to be released around the middle of September 2015, pending the outcome of the Land Use application. OLSH would still like to review the Development Permit with the Wildwood Development Committee prior to moving ahead. Once constructed, Calgary Housing Company (a wholly owned subsidiary of The City of Calgary) will manage the building.

For additional information regarding the Affordable Housing in Wildwood, please check the Warbler and the Wildwood Community Association website at Additionally, the City of Calgary website will have updates at

Affordable Housing Development in Wildwood

Thank you to everyone who attended the open house on June 18, 2014 regarding the City of Calgary Affordable Housing proposal at 4012 Bow Trail SW (currently the Willow Park on Bow liquor store). The feedback received from our residents enables the Development Committee to focus future interactions with the City on this project. This Open House was just the start of discussions and last night Councillor Woolley and City staff took away several key concerns with a commitment to review the entire proposal.

Residents provided valuable input with the majority finding the initial design unacceptable. The most significant concerns expressed were:

  • The ability of the site to accommodate 48 units, up to 140 people and 30 parking stalls.
  • Vehicle congestion in adjacent alleys and roadways and the absence of visitor parking.
  • Ongoing maintenance of the property.
  • Accommodation of school age children into neighbourhood schools.
  • Other uses considered for that property given limited commercial property in Wildwood.
  • Potential impact on quality and values in Wildwood of density on this site.

The Development Committee appreciates all the feedback received from our residents. We will be posting all updates and information that we receive here.

Residents can also find information at the City of Calgary website:

We encourage residents to continue to provide feedback to both the Development Committee (, and the City of Calgary via the website above. We will continue to update the Wildwood website as we receive information and will notify residents of proposal changes and future public discussions.

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The City of Calgary Office of Land Servicing and Housing (OLSH) has released the results of the online survey that was completed in January.  The results can be viewed on the following webpage:—what-we’ve-heard.aspx

According to OLSH, the results show do not show significant support for commercial development, so they will not be proceeding with that option for the development at 4012 Bow Trail.  They will be amending their land use application to include the entire lot for MC1 or MC2 multi-family development rezoning.  At this point in time, they will not be pursuing any type of development on the lot at 4620 Bow Trail (park and ride lot on the corner of Bow Trail and 45th Street).  We do not have dates for the new application yet.

We will continue to update this website when we have more information.  If you have any concerns, please contact

Secondary Suites in Calgary

On May 28, 2014 the Wildwood Community Association received a letter from Councillor Woolley regarding his support and pursuit of secondary suites. He would be supporting a motion that would allow secondary suites throughout the inner city wards 7, 8, 9 and 11. It would also propose secondary suites be legalized within 600 metres of primary transit notes (LRT and Bus Rapid Transit). Wildwood is in Ward 8 and would be impacted by this motion yet the Development Committee has not been invited to comment on the secondary suites concept or sought input from Residents. The motion was to be brought to council on June 9, 2014 however it was shelved to build more public support and will be brought back to council in September 2014.

Currently Wildwood is zoned as R-C1 which is Residential Contextual, One-Dwelling District meaning single family occupation but the property does not have to be owner occupied. Although we have very little information at this time, it is our understanding that if this motion is passed, Wildwood will be re-zoned to allow each owner to develop a suite in the home, over a garage or build a detached garden suite for rental purposes. The Development Committee is attempting to gather information from the City so that we can understand the specifics of the bylaw and the implications of re-zoning.

The secondary suites can include the following (from the City of Calgary website):

Secondary Suite

  • Self contained within a Single Detached or Contextual Single Detached dwelling
  • Typically seen in the basement suite form but can be at any storey
  • It is only allowed in a single family home, not a Semi-Detatched or Multi-Family Building
  • Most common type of secondary suite developed
  • Density: where this type of suite exists, no other suite(s) are allowed

Detached Garage Secondary Suite

  • Self contained within a detached private garage on the same parcel as a Single Detached or Contextual Single Detached Dwelling
  • Typically parking for principle dwelling is below
  • It is not possible on a parcel containing a Semi-Detached or Multi-Family building
  • Second most common type of secondary suite developed
  • Density: where this type of suite exists, no other suite(s) are allowed

Detached Garden Secondary Suite

  • Self contained located at grade at the rear of the main residential building on the same parcel as a Single Detached or Contextual Single Detached Dwelling
  • It is not possible on a parcel containing a Semi-Detached or Multi-Family building
  • Least common form of suite
  • Density: where this type of suite exists, no other suite(s) are allowed

The Development Committee will continue to update this information regarding secondary suites as we receive it so please check back often. We encourage you to provide feedback to both the development committee (, and your Councillor Evan Woolley (

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