Wildwood 2017 Tennis Program – Spring!

Are you looking for a fun after school activity for your sun or daughter that’ll keep them on their toes? Do you want to get a great evening workout? Well, look no further than the Wildwood tennis courts, where we’ll be offering spring classes as well a junior summer camps.  Stay tuned for more information on summer programs.

For Tennis Registration or Tennis Key Membership

Get a Private Tennis Lesson

Private lessons: $30 / hour: send an email to

Wildwood Tennis Program Spring/ Summer 2017

Spaces still available. Register now.

May 1- June 12
No class May 22 (Victoria Day)

  • Age 6-9 Junior Lessons 4-5pm
  • Age 10-14 Junior Lessons 5-6pm

May 3- June 7

  • Age 6-9 Junior Lessons 4-5pm
  • Age 10-14 Junior Lessons 5-6pm

Spring Session $80 valid WCA member/$100 non-WCA member
Registration is open online March 15th for all programs.
Register here:

Rent The Ball Machine!

Rent the Wildwood Tennis Ball machine for $10.00/day (deposit required). Contact Todd: 403-966-4317


  • Please be advised that lessons have priority on the courts. Check dates and times on this page and on the main door of the courts.
  • Take care of our tennis courts by always locking the gate after use.
  • Please don’t let anybody in that doesn’t have a key or membership. We want our courts to last!