Summer Tennis Program 2024

Our 2024 Summer Tennis program is being finalized. More information including dates will be coming soon.

Tennis Court Seasonal Clean-up

Every year at the start of the Tennis season a team of volunteers ensures the court is cleaned and repaired. This vital maintenance is done by users of the court and community members. Thank you for all your hard work in keeping this space safe and available for Wildwood Residents! 

Tennis Court Keys

Tennis Key registration for the 2024 season will start on April 15. Register here

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

If you would like to use the tennis courts outside of tennis lessons, you will need to obtain a key to the tennis courts.

To get a key, you need to purchase a WCA membership, and also register for the tennis key.

The WCA membership is $35 per household or $5 for seniors. The tennis key is $50, along with a $75 deposit that is refunded in full when the key is returned at the end of the season. You can purchase your WCA membership and register for the tennis key together. If you have any problems purchasing a membership, please contact