Purchase or renew your 2022 Wildwood community membership

  • Online at In addition to providing your contact information, please also take the time to indicate (or update) any interest groups you would like to receive updates about (under the member profile tab).
    Yes we are using a new membership hosting program from GetCommunal.
  • By mailing in an application form Online membership form for both regular and senior membership
  • Application forms are also published regularly in the Warbler
  • For any questions or concerns regarding membership purchase or renewal please contact

Wildwood is a great place to live and an excellent community in which to raise a family. Much of that is due to the friendly and positive attitude of the residents. The very active Wildwood Community Association plays a strong role in providing an excellent quality of life in our community. Over the years, there have been many activities/contributions that your Association has made to maintain and enhance Wildwood. Some of these activities you (or your family) may directly participate in, others help maintain Wildwood’s healthy environment which reflects on your quality of life (and your property value).

Activities that are supported with your membership include:

  • publication of the monthly Wildwood Warbler (free to Wildwood residents)
  • annual Clean Up Day (free to Wildwood residents)
  • maintenance of the two ice rinks, tennis courts, community facilities and green spaces
  • funding of adult and children social and sport events
  • involvement in city planning, development, and traffic issues that affect our community
  • community awareness and solutions to social issues such as vandalism and vagrancy
  • and so much more!

To maintain the low cost of membership, a high level of support from all 1200 residences is needed; in 2017 we had 458 members. Please support your community by purchasing a membership.

  • New or renewed memberships are valid from January 1 2021 to January 31 2022 (13 months)
  • Regular memberships are $25.00/year per household
  • Seniors memberships are $5.00/year per household (with at least one resident > 65 years old)
  • Want to invite friends to a WCA event? We also offer Associate memberships for $5.00/person, valid for 30 days.