Community Garden

The Wildwood Community Garden has been featured by The Best of Calgary

The Wildwood Community Garden exists to provide a welcoming space for the residents of Wildwood to garden together – to create a shared vision, to work collaboratively, and to cultivate a place for individuals, families and friends to learn about and to experience the rewards of gardening and community.

Our vision is to foster an environment of beauty and community, where people of all ages can share in the great contentment of gardening. We will follow the permaculture ethics of care of the earth, care of people, and fair share.  It’s a place for learning healthy, sustainable ways of producing food and flowers in cooperation with others.  This garden is an asset to the community.

We bring this vision to life by providing a community resource that allows neighbours to work together in growing flowers, herbs and produce in the community garden. In addition, we host gardening workshops, nature walks and the popular Harvest Festival.

For more information about the the garden, contact the Gardening Team at or visit us on Facebook at

Featured in The Best of Calgary

We are very excited to have been voted one of the best public gardens in Calgary by The Best of Calgary. You can see the article here.