Outdoor Shinny

What is Shinny?

Shinny is a parented (non drop-off), non-competitive, non-contact alternative hockey program for community girls and boys.  The format consists of learning and practicing skills, playing games and having lots of fun with friends!

2024 January – March: When and What Time?

The program starts in January and runs as long as the weather permits. All games are played at the Wildwood Community outdoor ice rink. Check out the registration pages for specific ice times.

Grades 6 & Up Group

This is a new group that allows our bigger kids to strap their skates on and have a game with friends  This group will still require a coach/referee and will be treated as a registered program (drop-ins are not allowed).  *Players are required to bring their own jerseys.

What is Required?

Hockey skills are not required, but players should have at least modest skating skills.

Equipment: Players must have full hockey gear, including a neck guard and a full-face hockey helmet. Older players will have an opportunity to play goal with equipment (stick, pads, blocker, catcher and chest protector) provided by the community. Wildwood Shinny jerseys are also required by all players (except the Grades 6 & Up group).

Cost: For those new to the program or for those who need a new jersey, Wildwood Shinny jerseys can be ordered (Grades 6 and Up pay the $30 fee).

  • $55 – new jersey required
  • $30 – no new jersey required

Membership: An active 2024 Wildwood Community Association membership is required to participate in the shinny program.  For more information about memberships and current fees, click here.


This program requires each family to volunteer in some capacity.  Volunteer positions will be determined after registration.  *If positions are not filled, programs may be cancelled.

  • Coach(s) – Plan and run weekly drills and game play
  • Asst. Coach(s) – Assist in the planning and execution of weekly play                 
  • On-Ice Volunteer(s) – Assist kids on ice (more for the younger ages)
  • On-site Coordinator – Manage nightly sign in, volunteers and onsite communication (at least 1 volunteer is required for each group)           
  • Ice/Rink Rats – Help clear and maintain ice throughout season and before game play
  • Wind Up – 1- 2 planners and a few volunteers for year end party

How to Register?

OPENS November 15 at 6AM and closes on December 7 at 10 PM.

Program registration is now run online.  Please follow the link below to register your child for shinny: online registration.

Note: A number cap will be placed on all programs.


Please contact Tanis Gatzke (Shinny Coordinator) with any questions or concerns at shinny@mywildwood.ca.