All seasons are a treasure in Wildwood

We love living in Wildwood. On Family Day 2000, we bought a home in Wildwood. We moved in on April Fool’s Day. There was no way to know the luck that had befallen us as first time homebuyers in Calgary. Very quickly we met folks who had been here for many years. Earl, Freda and Len, Ted and Mildred, Dot, and Joanne and Phil each took us under their collective wings. Dot shared her Butterscotch Apple Pie recipe. Freda and Len saved our belongings in the flood of 2005, Joanne took me to see Sarah Brightman in concert and Ted and Mildred gave us our first baby snowsuit.

We met our contemporaries as well; neighbours who, like us, were starting their young families. They quickly turned into friends as we walked our babies around the block, brought them to playschool, and cheered them on as they scattered like colourful Skittles across the school fields during spring soccer/snow season. We met each other’s children as newborns and have watched them grow with our own, remaining buddies to this day.

Springtime in Wildwood brings the beauty of ornamental crab apple trees on Windermere Road, clouds of pink and white scented blossoms raining petals down around us. Summer and autumn bring organic veggies forth from our Wildwood Community Garden. Hours are spent walking with friends down through the Douglas Fir Trail, Edworthy Park and the Bow River Valley. Winter days mean deep blue skies and the beautiful sparkling white rolling hills of cross-country skiing on nearby Shaganappi Golf Course. Owls, porcupines, bucks, does, jackrabbits, woodland songbirds, prairie falcons, woodpeckers, hummingbirds and coyotes have all been spotted steps from our front door.

As if these things weren’t enough, we have sports programs, fun, musical, and educational events, two of the most enviable outdoor ice rinks in Calgary and the most enjoyable, generous, talented, caring volunteers I have ever met anywhere. As Volunteer Coordinator, I urge and welcome you to please consider the volunteer opportunities available in the Wildwood Community. We have a range of possibilities for many different schedules. Check out the rest of the Warbler for ideas and signups!

Alison Laberge
~Volunteer Coordinator, WCA