• Warbler

    My Top 5 Reasons I Love Being a Wildwoodian

    5. Close proximity to nature – As Wildwood residents, we only need to walk out our front doors to enjoy the mature tree canopy. If we wander a bit further, we can enjoy the cliff paths that give great views and fantastic access to the Bow river path system from where the possibilities are endless. 4. Pride in ownership – Wildwood residents take care of their properties. Take a walk around our neighbourhood: You will see people who have swept away the gravel from the streets before the street cleaners get a chance, others will be raking their lawns in preparation for spring, and many will come together for our…

  • Warbler

    All seasons are a treasure in Wildwood

    We love living in Wildwood. On Family Day 2000, we bought a home in Wildwood. We moved in on April Fool’s Day. There was no way to know the luck that had befallen us as first time homebuyers in Calgary. Very quickly we met folks who had been here for many years. Earl, Freda and Len, Ted and Mildred, Dot, and Joanne and Phil each took us under their collective wings. Dot shared her Butterscotch Apple Pie recipe. Freda and Len saved our belongings in the flood of 2005, Joanne took me to see Sarah Brightman in concert and Ted and Mildred gave us our first baby snowsuit. We met…