My Top 5 Reasons I Love Being a Wildwoodian

5. Close proximity to nature – As Wildwood residents, we only need to walk out our front doors to enjoy the mature tree canopy. If we wander a bit further, we can enjoy the cliff paths that give great views and fantastic access to the Bow river path system from where the possibilities are endless.
4. Pride in ownership – Wildwood residents take care of their properties. Take a walk around our neighbourhood: You will see people who have swept away the gravel from the streets before the street cleaners get a chance, others will be raking their lawns in preparation for spring, and many will come together for our Wildwood Clean-Up day to make sure even our back alleys look great.
3. Friendly People – Wildwood has a wonderful gathering place in our Community Garden and around our Water Spiral. Neighbours stop by to chat with each other and wave when they see each other walk or drive by.
2. Vibrant community – There is hardly a month that goes by without an opportunity to take part in a community activity or event. From pub nights to adult and children’s sporting events, there is something of interest for everyone.
1. I love being a part of it all! – I work unpredictable shift work and as such I often avoid activities where you have to be present for regular gatherings. My role as Warbler Editor is completely portable. Sometimes, the Warbler is assembled in a hotel room in New York, other times I work on it sitting in an airport lounge, and often the work is done in the ski condo after a day on the hill! Even though I don’t regularly meet with our authors face to face, I feel a sense of community in our back and forth communication and love that I’ve found a way to contribute that fits my life.

Old, young, or in-between, we all will have a different Top 5 list of why we like living in Wildwood. The common thread across most lists will be that Wildwoodians like to get out and enjoy the community. To keep our community offerings broad, we need people to help make it happen.

It’s time for you to find your number 1. Search out that piece of the community that lets you be a part of it all. Wildwood is running very short on volunteers and WE NEED YOU. If a role piques your interest, please speak up. If you think it might be too involved, ask if you can share it. Come to our AGM on April 26th. You can ask questions, learn more and see what works for you. Together, we can keep our community active and you can feel the satisfaction that you helped make it so. We’d love to have you join us!

~Suzanne Foraie, Wildwood Warbler Editor

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