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White Oak Playground Donations

White Oak Playground Rebuild – A Chance for You to Shape Wildwood

As you may have read in previous Warblers, a group of Wildwood residents, through the Wildwood Community Association (WCA), are leading a rebuild of the White Oak/Spruce Drive Playground. We are excited to announce that the City of Calgary supports this rebuild and has put financial support behind it. Grant requests have also been submitted with the Calgary Parks Foundation and the Calgary Foundation Neighbours grants.

With this opportunity to improve a prominent feature of our community, we are making best use of the budget. The Calgary Parks Foundation is partnering with WCA to help us fundraise the final $10,000 needed to make this project a success.

How you can get involved:
1. Donate! This is a community lead initiative and the White Oak Playground is a well loved and used playground in our community. Donations over $25 will be issued a tax receipt.
2. In spring we need volunteers to help build the playground. Watch for details in future Warblers.

Two ways to donate:
• At

(click ‘Donate’ to got to PayPal, and type ‘Wildwood Community Playground’ under ‘Which                                   project are you supporting?’)

• Print and fill out the form included in this post and leave in the mailbox at 11 – 45 St SW

PFC Donation Form – with WW logo and info

Note: PayPal fees for online donations are 2.9% + $0.30 of the donated amount, so the tax receipts will be less that amount

Looking Ahead
With a target of spring 2018 to begin construction, preparations are well underway. Currently the planning group are finalizing three quotes with vendors, which will be tweaked to fit community needs. The playground will have a ‘woodsy’ / natural theme to fit with Wildwood name and Edworthy Park, and will include swings and slide(s).

Other key components under consideration (though nothing is yet confirmed):

• Teeter-totter
• Climbing wall (s) (vertical or angled)
• Monkey bars and/or ‘flipping’ bars
• Wobbly critter(s) on a spring
• Retention of jeep, digger, and dinosaur
• Indigenous element(s)

This list of elements was solicited from members of the community through the last two Warblers and at the community board meetings. By late winter (Feb/Mar 2018), we will be able to share the final design with all residents through the Warbler, website, and Facebook page.

Please consider a donation to the project.

Contact Brian Van Vliet at if you have any questions. Thanks for your support!